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Online Accounting

We recommend and offer support on a low cost web based accounting package called Kashflow. This online accounting package enables you to securely access your accounting records from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

We, as your accountants, can also access your records, this means that we can work with you on your bookkeeping and tax, helping you to improve your financial information and helping us to deliver more proactive speedy quality advice to you.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us, at, or register here for a 30 day trial



Secure Document E-signing is the clever way to work.Secure Document E-signing

You’ll wonder how you managed without it before. It’s contemporary and innovative but surprisingly simple.

Storing and working on files in the ‘cloud’, accessed via our website, we can work together and exchange files in the most secure way possible.

You can enjoy the convenience of the electronic signature facility. Best of all, you can access your stored files from anywhere in the world, even via our mobile app. It also means you can access vital information wherever you are – on the train or in a meeting.

The electronic signature function is completely legal, compliant and has a full audit trail.

Now all McCleary & Company Ltd’s clients have the convenience, security and efficiency of this system as standard. Email us for more details and instructions.

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Cloud Accounting Service

We now provide a cloud accounting service which is becoming an increasingly popular way to store all your accounting information. The great thing about cloud accounting software is that you can access it from any device, wherever you are, that has an internet connection. This can be extremely useful when more than one person needs to access it at any one time for instance, or if you are on the move a great deal of the time. Contact us for more information on our Cloud Accounting service.

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