R&D Tax Credits

How it Works

Eligible expenditure by companies on Research and Development qualifies for an enhanced relief.  For small companies that relief is now 125%, this means that for every £100 spent, £225 is allowed as an expense against corporation tax.  If the company is not paying tax they may qualify for a payment.

Since the introduction of the R&D tax scheme in 2000, the great majority of British companies that could be eligible for the scheme are not claiming. It is widely accepted that more than £1 billion is left unclaimed each year in the UK. This is money that could have been reinvested into further improvement and development of products and manufacturing processes.

Our partners, Jumpstart, have a deep knowledge and understanding of HMRC’s R&D policy and regulations. Their scientific background allows them to speak the language of our clients to identify eligible activity and processes often hidden in the daily routines of their production and process work.

Jumpstart works in many industry sectors and with companies of all sizes, from small SME’s
to larger companies in the £100 – £300 million bracket, some of which are part of larger £1 billion groups.

Reasons why we choose Jumpstart

  • They have 3900 successful claims under their belt and are thoroughly experienced in technical R&D submissions.
  • Of 3900 claims, 19 have been audited by HMRC and they have successfully defended all. Their enquiry rate is less than 0.5%, while the national average lies around 8%.
  • They employ technical staff of the highest possible academic standard, from BSc(Hons) and MSc to PhD level. They combine relevant industry experience across a range of sectors with expert knowledge of the R&D guidance and legislation.
  • They cover all sectors, from bakeries to companies investigating quantum dynamics.
  • They are in daily contact with HMRC and value our strong working relationships with its specialist R&D Units.
  • On average, they claim 3.9 times more for SMEs and 11.8 times more for Large Companies than a financially-based claim would receive.

What to do next

If you feel that your company may qualify, please contact us at info@mcclearyaccountants.com or phone us on 028 3831 6111.  There is no initial fee for this service and all fees are contingent on a successful claim.

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