Monthly Archives: June 2013

The G8 declaration on steps to reduce off-shore tax evasion

At the conclusion of the recent G8 summit at Lough Erne, a form of consensus was achieved in order to tackle the thorny issue of tax transparency: who is accountable for what and where! Their full declaration is set out below, the aim, to improve tax transparency and to bring the international tax system into the modern age. The G8 Continue Reading
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PAYE – new online service

HMRC have a recurring issue with individuals that have changes to their employment circumstances. Due to the “instantaneous” impact of PAYE, tax is deducted when you are paid, then if HMRC are unable to determine what allowances should be set-off against each employment, then under or over payments of tax may occur. In the general run of things tax payers Continue Reading
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The debate continues!  David Cameron has advised the G8 summit that the UK will draw up a register of beneficial owners of companies. The measure would aim to expose the real owners of businesses and strip away the secrecy created by faceless, offshore shell companies. Cameron has said he would make the UK register public as long as there is Continue Reading
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