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Cars and taxing issues

We have listed below a number of issues that you will need to consider if directors or employees use a car for business purposes. Essentially, if the car is owned by the business any private use of the vehicle will trigger a tax charge for the driver (car user) and a possible NIC bill for…
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Useful ‘Active Practice’ Articles

Every month we publish two 'Active Practice' Articles on topical issues that we believe our clients may find interesting, they can be accessed from the free resources Tab on our website, alternatively you can access PDFs of them here Active Practice Updates These Updates cover all aspects of tax and other areas useful to small…
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Paying tax if you are self-employed

If you are a sole trader or an individual member of a partnership you will likely be subject to income tax, and possibly National Insurance, on your earnings. Unfortunately, tax being taxing, earnings for tax purposes may not be the same as the monthly drawings you take from your business. For example, you may decide…
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Property as an investment for landlords

With low interest rates, property remains attractive. As the global financial crisis began to bite in 2008, central banks in several nations took action, attempting to shock the world economy back to life by slashing base interest rates. The idea behind this kind of stimulus is to make saving less attractive, hopefully prompting people to…
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